Instant Challenges


Exploring Material Properties
Alien Artifacts
Unstable Bridge
Puzzle Art
One Letter at a Time
April Fools Challenge: No Touching

Why Instant Challenge?

In a world with growing cultural connections, increased levels and types of communication, and a new need for real-time teamwork and problem solving, the ability to solve problems quickly is becoming increasingly critical. In our fast paced world being able to think quickly on your feet is more important than ever.

DI teams learn to solve Instant Challenges in a very short time frame. The Challenges are kept confidential until the day of the Tournament, when teams have the opportunity to showcase their problem-solving expertise.  When devising solutions for Instant Challenges, teams may show, among other things:

1. The ability to assess and use available materials in creative ways.
2. A knack for improvisation.
3. A collaboration of efforts.
4. Their engineering skills.
5. A flair for performance.
6. Time-management strategies.
7. Teamwork.

Instant Challenges are designed in ways that incorporate Performance-based Challenges, Task-based Challenges, or a combination of the two. Although each Instant Challenge has different requirements, all Instant Challenges reward teams for their teamwork and the creativity of their solutions.