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Covering Colorado in Duct Tape


DI Colorado is looking to raise enough money to COVER COLORADO IN DUCT TAPE.

How are we going to do that? A Giant Colorado Flag is up in our office and will be at all of our tournaments. Our goal is to have Colorado covered in duct tape by the State Tournament.

Top Blue area = $25 Donation
Bottom Blue area = $25 each Donation
Center white area = $50 Donation
Red “C” area = $100 Donation
Gold Disc = $1000 Donation

We will list your name and city on your piece of the flag. We want to see all areas of our state represented!

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Thank You To Our 2015-2016 Donors

$2000 to $5000
Anonymous, Anonymous, Estate of Mary Roudebush

$1000 to $2000
Tom and Lisa Cowden, Debbie and Randy Pieper, Jim Sirko, David Jared and Kate Donelan

$250 to $1000
Diane Kirk, Anonymous, Anonymous, Kris Beisel
Stephanie and Dan Wilson, Mary Ann and Neil Goff, Braedy Guenther, Maureen Dewar

$100 to $250
Joan Brown, Jessica Jones, Reid Hanson, Dave and Stacy Hogstett,
Tina Morganthaler, James and Lisa Stank, Wanda Abel, Robin Videos,
Michael Bleichfeld, Becky and Jim But,z Sandy and Gary Christianson, Karen Collette,
Scott and Susan Dalgleish, Shanti Flaherty, Louis Freese, Kern Karos,
Sydney Peshut, Jenny Reckless, Pearl Schwartz, BJ Scott,
Leslie Shivers, Jessica Sanderson, Ann Wilson, Dick Witulski,
Bet Chambers, Catherine Collins, Anonymous, Anonymous

Up to $100
Came Guenther, Rob Brown, Beth Collins, Ron Dutton,
Jaime Davis, Stephanie Kallet, Lindsay Kennedy, Angela King,
Marlys Lietz, Barbara Peister, Anonymous, Mitty Slidell,
Timothy Threikeld, Jennifer Zakotnik, Anonymous, Donna Frick,
Melinda Kraus, Debbie Latham, Art Mander, Anonymous,
Melinda Roden, Lori and Kenneth Ward, Nancy Well, Shelly and Keith Hora,
Mary Gelb, Tracey MacDonald, Angela Carlson, Shauna Kogler,
Gary Thompson, Dale Husk, Phil Ranford, Sabrina Wright-Hobart